Many water leaks are caused by leaky chimneys, chimney flashings, and shingles around the perimeter of the chimney or on other parts of the roof.  These situations can lead to brick and mortar damage as well as wood rot and mold growth in wood-framed chimney chases.

Shown below is a breakdown of the water protection system for chimneys.

4 Levels

A weakness in any of these 4 levels can allow for water entry and retention.

We use proven testing methods to identify the location of the leak and apply the best solution to fix the problem.

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~Phil H.

Ed addressed several concerns with leaks that happened before and after a new roof.  He did a thorough inspection, explained the problem and outlined my options with no pressure. If you want to feel confident through all 4 seasons, you should call ChimneyMasterLLC.

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