Masonry Repair_FlashingFlashing makes the seam between the chimney and the roof water tight.  There are three types of flashing used in chimney construction:

  1. Thru wall flashing: Thru wall flashing provides protection against water that has found its way behind the exterior walls of a chimney.  Thru wall flashing is a waterproof membrane that captures water flowing through the masonry and directs water outside through channels installed in the mortar joints called weep holes. 
  2. Step flashing: On the exterior of the chimney L-shaped pieces of metal step flashing are applied to walls and woven into the shingles.
  3. Counter flashing: This is the metal at the base of the chimney that is most visible. The counter flashing metal is bent to fit into the mortar joints of the brick and extends downward to cover the vertical edge of the step flashing below.  These elements along with proper installation and caulking provide a multi layered system for keeping water out.

*Watertest: Chimney Master LLC can run a water test and inspection at your home to determine if your flashing is a source of water intrusion.  We use the highest quality materials and trusted industry methods when servicing and replacing chimney flashing.

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