One of the most important things you can do to ensure a more secure, more efficient, and more satisfying fireside experience is to stay up to date with your annual chimney sweepings.

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The holiday season and colder months are once again upon us. Carmel and surrounding Indianapolis homeowners are using their fireplaces more frequently, and who doesn’t like the warmth of a cozy fireplace and the smell of a burning wood fire on a chilly night?

Chimney Master, LLC focuses on providing chimney cleaning services and covers Carmel and the greater Indianapolis area to assist homeowners keep their chimney systems in perfect working order.

Keeping your fireplace chimney clean regardless of the type of fuel you burn is extremely important. This can help you avoid fires along with avoiding toxic gasses from going into your home. Your chimney carries away hazardous gasses emitted from the fire in the fireplace and it is an important security step to ensure it is clean and free from clogging. Chimney Master, LLC chimney sweeps will carry out regular chimney sweeping maintenance and inspections to guarantee proper security standards and safety measures are met.

It is advised that your upkeep on the chimney be performed every year or even bi-annually in some cases if you use your fireplace on a weekly or regular basis. If you are unsure of when the last time your fireplace chimney was cleaned, having your chimney inspected for cleaning or possible needed chimney repairs is an inexpensive and prudent way to keep your family safe and your house from catching fire due to a chimney that over time has built up creosote, a highly flammable substance that can build up in your chimney when you burn fires in your fireplace.

Many home owners don’t stop to think very much about why cleaning their chimney is so crucial.

When you light a fire in your fire place, it produces soot and creosote, getting your chimney system dirty. As these highly flammable byproducts settle inside your chimney flue walls, air flow is limited and can lead to poor chimney functionality, carbon monoxide poisoning, and maybe even a chimney fire.

Staying up to date with your chimney sweeping services will help protect and maintain your chimney system and keep it working properly and as safely as possible.

Having a chimney sweeping service performed is a basic fire safety and chimney maintenance practice due to the increase in deaths and injuries related to fireplaces and chimney fires. Over 5,500 fires and 10,000 gas poisonings take place each year due to incorrect or forgotten fireplace and chimney upkeep. These figures can be greatly minimized and lives spared with correct fireplace and chimney cleaning care.

Chimney Master, LLC chimney sweeping services are readily available in Carmel, Northern Indianapolis and all surrounding local areas. You can rely on us for chimney cleaning services, chimney inspections and experienced, professional masonry chimney repairs including complete chimney restorations if required for old or severely weather damaged chimneys.

We are not just chimney sweeps; we are also certified masonry contractors.

Carmel Indiana Chimney Masonry Contrator for Repairs

The Chimney Master, LLC certified sweep will initially check your chimney for any damage and identify the degree of cleansing necessary. After the assessment, the chimney cleaning will begin. The room surrounding the chimney will be protected and safeguarded from falling dirt, creosote and ash particles so no damage is incurred. As soon as the chimney is completely brushed and clean, the trained technician will vacuum the particles and do a last cleaning of the surrounding area. Your home stays clean!

A thorough chimney sweeping requires using the proper equipment and having access to the roof and interior of the chimney. Chimney Master, LLC. chimney sweep services use only the latest in technology to inspect and clean your chimney.

You will be pleasantly surprised by our chimney sweeping services, chimney inspections and repair pricing. Prices are set to be fair and budget friendly. You will have the peace of mind that our vast experience and expertise are accredited by the Chimney Security Institute of America (CSIA), a nonprofit company that educates, tests and certifies chimney sweeping service companies.

The cost of the chimney sweeping service is economical, normally fewer than two hundred dollars, and depending on your chimney condition the cleaning will only take roughly one hour.

You will be left with a safer, more efficient and cleaner chimney system. And, yes we are licensed and bonded for your protection.

Call today with any questions you may have and to schedule your chimney cleaning service.  317-832-3033

The CSIA recommends that all chimneys be swept and inspected each year by a CSIA certified chimney sweep. We offer sweeping services for all types of residential fireplace systems. Our technicians are certified with the CSIA so we can readily identify potential health and safety concerns.

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