The experience was great.  Mr. LaPlante arrived at the appointed time at the first house, and did the work, leaving no evidence he had been present.  After recent rains, I know all is well.  He needed to rebuild a couple of rows of masonry on that property, in order to change the shape of the chimney and reduce the possibility of future water intrusion.  He did so, the chimney looks great, and the roof looks perfect. He also replaced a missing brick on the side of the home and I could not even tell the location where the hole had been when he was done.  The worksite was left immaculate. While no one enjoys replacing components like chimney caps, I still had a great experience utilizing the services of Chimney Master LLC.  Top notch professional work!  Call him if your chimney needs repair; you won’t regret it.

Excellent job.

Nancy Solloway

Carmel Indiana Review Chimney Sweep

During the pre-proposal visit, Ed LaPlante, Owner, inspected the exteriors of both chimneys, then explained his observations and recommendations.  Ed led the chimney restoration work, all of which was completed professionally.  The restored chimneys look very nice and I am confident that they will be protected from the elements for a long time.  Ed was very easy to work with and instills a high level of confidence.

Laverne Erhardt

Carmel Indiana Review Chimney Sweep

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